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Most nutritional companies are large corporations Farmaceuticas few years ago said that did not serve Nutritional Supplements, Why they have changed their minds now?, Where does the active ingredients?, follow our blog and gradually we will give you incredible information.

What if we can ensure that the brand associated, NutriliteTM is number one (1) Nutritional supplements worldwide in, Certified Organic Farms have owned or external that meet the strict Certified Company. Nutrilite was founded back more 80 years in California by Dr.. Carl F. Rehnborg and manufactured by Access Business Group.

Do not be fooled with ads where natural word appears because the law states that if you carry a 10% natural principles can call it, Ask yourself if it's important to know what we.


Ludwig Feuerbach

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What's the truth about Nutritional Supplements and Nutrition in general

We have a life increasingly active, that's good but involves improving nutrition .


Every time food is processed faster and do not take enough fruits and vegetables, supplemented is a necessity.


Sports have more options, If you want to perform well on and off the track, XS SportNutrition is your choice, performance and health together hand.


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Each NUTRILITE product is the direct result of extensive field testing and laboratory analysis, led by scientists, microbiologists, chemicals, pharmaceutical, nutritionists and other technicians.

The focus of the NUTRILITE brand is based on passing from seed to complement, gathering science and nature in perfect harmony.
While he is living in China, it almost 100 years, Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg discovered the importance of a plant-based diet. His first-hand experience and extensive research on nutrients derived from plants resulted in the creation of brand NUTRILITE food supplements.
In 1934, Nutrilite presented his first multivitamin / multimineral / phytonutrient supplement and put on sale in US. THE.
NUTRILITE ™ is the No. brand 1 sales of vitamins and dietary supplements **, Thank you to your 80 years of science and research. (Source: Euromonitor International Limited)

All our farms-over 2.400 hectares in the State of Washington, Mexico and Brazil- again they nourish the soil and avoid using pesticides, synthetic herbicides and fertilizers. They are also global good neighbors dedicated to giving back to their communities.

Each plant is processed within hours of harvesting to capture as many as possible of valuable nutrients.

• Nutrilite has more than 150 scientists, researchers and educators: one of the most numerous scientific equipment industry.
• Nutrilite produces more than 15.000 million capsules and vitamin and mineral tablets per year.
• Nature:
• NUTRILITE ™ is one of the few brands in the world of food supplements that cultivates its products in its own sustainable farms.
• Instead of relying on harmful pesticides, chemical herbicides or fertilizers, let nature do its work.
• In these eight decades cultivation techniques have been a vital part of product development in NUTRILITE.
• The Nutrilite team has improved the practice of "seed supplement" to preserve the power and maximize consistency, safety and efficacy of NUTRILITE products.
• Phytonutrients make a difference.
• He personally Nutrilite, among which are more than 150 scientists, researchers and educators, constantly working to improve the quality of NUTRILITE products.
• Nutrilite holds 25.000 tests each month and over 500.000 quality assessments each year to ensure the highest level of quality.

"We are what we eat, but what we eat can help us be more of us. ”

Alice May Brock

“Aquellos que piensan que no tienen tiempo para una alimentación saludable tarde o temprano encontrarán tiempo para la enfermedad.

Edward Stanley

Ninguna enfermedad que pueda ser tratada con dieta debe tratarse por ningún otro medio.


Nuestra comida debería ser nuestra medicina y nuestra medicina debería ser nuestra comida.